I am a postdoc in the Programming Languages Group at Delft University of Technology, working with Eelco Visser.

Before that, I was a PhD in the PLanCompS project at Swansea University, where I was supervised by Peter Mosses.

Research interests

My research focuses on techniques, principles, and tools for defining, implementing, and verifying programs and programming languages. I like to use Coq, Agda, or Idris when working on either side of the Curry-Howard correspondence.

Selected publications

Hendrik van Antwerpen, Casper Bach Poulsen, Arjen Rouvoet, and Eelco Visser: Scopes as Types. OOPSLA 2018

Sven Keidel, Casper Bach Poulsen, and Sebastian Erdweg: Compositional Soundness Proofs of Abstract Interpreters. ICFP 2018

Casper Bach Poulsen, Arjen Rouvoet, Andrew Tolmach, Robbert Krebbers, and Eelco Visser: Intrinsically-Typed Definitional Interpreters for Imperative Languages. POPL 2018

Casper Bach Poulsen, Pierre Neron, Andrew Tolmach, and Eelco Visser: Scopes Describe Frames: A Uniform Model for Memory Layout in Dynamic Semantics. ECOOP 2016

Casper Bach Poulsen and Peter D. Mosses: Flag-Based Big-Step Semantics. Special Issue of Journal of Logic and Algebraic Methods in Programming

Casper Bach Poulsen: Extensible Transition System Semantics. PhD Thesis

Casper Bach Poulsen, Peter D. Mosses, and Paolo Torrini: Imperative Polymorphism by Store-Based Types as Abstract Interpretations. PEPM 2015

Casper Bach Poulsen and Peter D. Mosses: Deriving Pretty-Big-Step Semantics from Small-Step Semantics. ESOP 2014

Activities & News